April 17, 2012




All Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Contracting Providers


Connie Winkley – Education/Communication Coordinator
Institutional Provider Relations
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, Inc.
An Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association


Locating a Contracting BCBSKS Provider

The information provided in this newsletter replaces the information provided in a previous Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBSKS) newsletter (BC-04-23). 

Without jeopardizing the health and welfare of our members, BCBSKS has always expected providers to use BCBSKS contracting/network providers when arranging services.  There can be a significant financial impact for the member when services are received from a non-contracting provider.

BCBSKS lists the most up-to-date contracting providers in the Blue National Doctor & Hospital Finder on the BCBSKS Website (www.bcbsks.com).  By providing the first three letters of a BCBSKS member’s ID number, the preferred location for the service and the provider type, you can retrieve a list of the current BCBSKS contracting providers from the Blue National Doctor & Hospital Finder. With any provider type, whether it is ambulance providers or another service, the list of contracting providers is subject to change, therefore, you are highly encouraged to use the Finder in order to access a current list of contracting BCBSKS providers.

Please provide this information to your staff that is responsible for arranging BCBSKS member services.

If you have further questions regarding the Blue National Doctor & Hospital Finder or how to locate a contracting provider for any type of service, please contact your BCBSKS Provider Representative.