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"S" Newsletters - 2014

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S-7-14 Published 12/05/14

Inside this issue:

  • CAQH update
  • Requesting priority predeterminations
  • Billing reminders
  • SOK employee group renews with BCBSKS
  • BCBSKS workshops
  • Prescription drug benefits
  • Treatment of obesity using controlled substances
  • Multiple prescriptions of a Schedule II controlled substance
  • Eligibility grace period changes
  • Grace period remark codes
  • Different approach for New Directions
  • Five things family physicians should question
  • Three things clinical pathologists should question
  • Web changes — Medical policy

S-6-14 Published 11/06/14

Inside this issue:

  • BCBSKS to offer HMO product
  • What you need to know about Solutions and HMO vs. PPO
  • Solutions ID cards
  • Solutions alpha prefixes

S-5-14 Published 10/15/14

Inside this issue:

  • QBRP changes
  • BCBSKS responds to concerns
  • Current, new KHIE incentive language
  • Understanding QBRP
  • 2015 KHIE incentive changes
  • Quick tips for using KHIE

S-4-14 Published 10/1/14

Inside this issue:

  • Understanding QBRP
  • QBRP incentives
  • July 2015 QBRP reassessment
  • Quick tips for using KHIE

S-3-14 Published 9/1/14

Inside this issue:

  • Verisk to collect medical data
  • Prescription benefit changes
  • 2015 Pharmacy benefit: immunizations
  • Depo-Provera coding change
  • Electronic drug prior authorization
  • Influenza virus diagnostic testing and treatment in an outpatient setting
  • Autism spectrum disorders behavior therapy criteria
  • DME billing reminder
  • Pediatric dental benefit
  • Five things to question before ordering head, neck care
  • Web Changes: Medical Policy
  • Splitting out lines on claims

S-2-14 Published 7/2/14

Inside this issue:

  • Updating records
  • Pharmaceutical Formulary Update
  • Labs, DME and specialty pharmacy providers filing Blue claims
  • Prior authorization for Blue KC members
  • Billing reminder
  • ICD-10 readiness survey
  • ICD-10 workshops set
  • Influenza virus diagnostic testing and treatment in an outpatient setting
  • Date of birth edit
  • A look at Case Management
  • Web changes: Medical Policies

S-1-14 Published 4/4/14

Inside this issue:

  • Expanded ordering and referring provider edits
  • ICD indicator on claim forms
  • BCBSKS to host ICD-10 workshops
  • Not medically necessary injections for osteoarthritis
  • Imaging acute rhinosinusitis
  • Walk@Lunch Day
  • Receiving full QBRP
  • Billing reminder: Physical therapy modalities
  • Biologic Immunomodulator drug quantity limits
  • Medical policy updates


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