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BCBSKS Supports Electronic Prescribing

Effective January 1, 2009, BCBSKS has made member eligibility, drug formulary and patient medication history information available for electronic prescribing. This will cover approximately 400,000 members who have BCBSKS prescription drug benefits.

The use of electronic prescribing can benefit your patients and practice by improving patient safety and quality of care. It can reduce medication errors and adverse drug events related to illegible handwritten prescriptions or oral miscommunications. Through electronic prescribing, prescribers can access the patient's medication history to verify compliance and reduce duplication of therapy.

Electronic prescribing reduces the time spent on phone calls and call backs to pharmacies, reduces time spent faxing prescriptions to pharmacies, and can automate the prescription renewal request and authorization process. Access to the patient's formulary can increase the use of generic and formulary brand prescriptions and reduce the patient's drug costs.

More information about electronic prescribing can be found at the following websites or by contacting your practice management or electronic health record vendor.