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ICD-10 Articles: Coding Corner

Chapter 15 – Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Puerperium

ICD-10 diagnosis codes (000-09A) for Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Puerperium are located in chapter 15 of the ICD-10-CM official draft code set.  Some coding conventions and guidelines from this chapter are as follows:

  • Codes from chapter 15 have sequencing priority over codes from other chapters.
  • Chapter 15 codes are for use only on maternal records, never on newborn records.
  • Many codes in this chapter have a final character indicating trimester of pregnancy.
  • When a patient is admitted to a hospital for complications of pregnancy during one trimester and remains in the hospital into a subsequent trimester, the trimester character for the antepartum complication code should be assigned on the basis of the trimester when the complication developed, not the trimester of the discharge.
  • The code for "unspecified trimester" should rarely be used.
  • The 7th character for fetus identification should be used when applicable to identify which fetus the complication code relates to. 
  • An outcome of delivery code from category Z37 should be included on every maternal record when a delivery has occurred. 
  • A note at the beginning of Chapter 15 instructs to use an additional code from category Z3A, Weeks of gestation, to identify the specific week of the pregnancy.
  • Code O80 – "Encounter for full-term uncomplicated delivery", is for use as a single diagnosis code and is not to be used with any other code from chapter 15.  Z37.0 – "Single live birth", is the only outcome of delivery code appropriate for use with O80.

Reference:  ICD-10-CM; The Complete Official Draft Code Set 2014
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