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Term Life Insurance (Employers)

Protect your most important investment

Provide your employees the security they need.

The Employer-Employee Relationship

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The employer-employee relationship is a mutual investment. As an employer, you spend time and money hiring the right people and developing them as employees. In turn, your employees use their expertise to help make your business grow and become more successful.

Once you have found the best employees for your business, you want to keep them. Providing group life and disability insurance, for your employees, can help you do just that.

Term Life Insurance

Term life is easy to understand and is competitively priced. AICK makes it easy for you to choose from Basic and Voluntary Term Life. You can provide your employees with a life insurance benefit of varying amounts designed to meet the needs of your employees. This coverage allows employees:

The ability to name their own beneficiary and change the beneficiary at any time

Access to local claim service for speedy claim processing

To receive up to $50,000 of coverage without paying taxes on premiums – and a tax favored death benefit

To convert to an individual whole life policy following termination of employment, regardless of health

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

Both basic and voluntary plans offer an Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit. This coverage supplements the term life insurance by providing an additional payment if an insured experiences the loss of life or dismemberment in a covered accident.

Dependent Life

Dependent life insurance provides coverage for an employee’s spouse and unmarried children – a convenient and inexpensive way to purchase even more peace of mind. This coverage is available only with the purchase of a Basic Term Life and AD&D plan.

Generally, spouses that are not legally separated or divorced and unmarried children at least 15 days old and under 23 are eligible for dependent life.