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"I’ve had other health insurance programs for my business, and I’m convinced – Blue Cross is the best insurance value in Kansas.”
— Troy Barrow, President
Marshall Tool, Holton
Intro to Insurance
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Following is a listing of common non-covered services. For a complete list of limitations and exclusions, refer to the specific certificate of coverage.

All Plans — Duplicate benefits provided under federal, state or local laws, regulations or programs except Medicaid; services involving cosmetic or reconstructive surgery (except as stated in the certificate); charges for personal items; convalescent or custodial care or rest cure; all keratotomy procedures; services related to temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome; blood or payments to donors of blood; any service or supply related to the medical management of obesity; services or supplies related to sex transformations; services related to the reversal of sterilization procedures; any medically-aided insemination procedure; charges for services by immediate relatives or by members of the household; acupuncture and admission for acupuncture; medically unnecessary services and admissions; services covered and payable under any medical expense payment provision of any automobile insurance policy; mental illness or substance use disorder services provided by a non-eligible provider; services, supplies or treatments not specifically listed as covered in the member’s certificate.