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Plan 65

Questions Regarding Plan 65-Select Plans

What's the difference between a Select plan and a non-Select plan?
If you choose a Select plan, you will be required to use a Select network hospital for any non-emergency inpatient admissions.

Isn't the Select plan the same as an HMO?
No, you still have your choice of doctors.

Why is the Select plan less expensive than the regular plans?
The hospitals that contract on the Select plan have agreed to pay the Medicare Part A deductible for you instead of BCBSKS paying that deductible. We pass those savings on to you.

How do hospitals become a part of the Select hospital network?
If a hospital within our Select service area is interested in being a part of our Select network, they would need to contact their BCBSKS consultant.

What if I have an emergency and cannot get to a Select hospital?
In an emergency, your services are covered at any hospital.

What is considered an emergency?
Any time you feel you need immediate assistance, it is considered an emergency.

What if the Select hospital isn't equipped to handle my illness and they need to move me to a different hospital?
The Select hospital can refer you to a hospital that can provide the necessary services needed, and you will still be covered.

What if I am traveling out of state and an emergency happens?
In an emergency, you can go to any hospital.

What if I am traveling out of state and am told I will need to be admitted into a hospital?
If you are being admitted immediately due to an emergency, you will still be covered. If it is not an emergency, you will need to go to a Select network hospital.

Does the Select option restrict me to a particular doctor?
No, the Select option network limitation applies only to hospitals.

What if my doctor does not admit to the Select hospital?
Your doctor will need to refer you to a doctor who can admit you to a Select hospital.

Do I have to go to the Select hospital for outpatient services?
No, you can go to any hospital for outpatient services.

What if I enroll in the Select option and then go to a non-Select hospital for non-emergency services?
You will be responsible for the Medicare Part A deductible and any applicable coinsurance.

Can I switch from the Select option to the non-Select plan at any time?
Yes, you can change from Select to non-Select the first of the month following your notification to us that you want to switch.

Can I switch from a non-Select plan to a Select plan at any time?
If you want to change from the non-Select option of equal or greater benefits, you will have to medically qualify through our underwriting department.