Provider Availity Training


As of August 19, 2013, BCBSKS member benefit and eligibility verification and claims status information is no longer available on the BCBSKS secure website (BlueAccess), and providers are only able to access that information on the Availity Web Portal (

For access to other secure tools and resources which are still located on BlueAccess, such as remittance advices and the electronic precertification system, providers are required to log onto Availity and then link back to BlueAccess through the Payer Resources tab on the Availity Web Portal.

BCBSKS and Availity team up to provide the necessary training to BCBSKS contracting providers in order to access the BCBSKS member's information on the Availity Web Portal. All Availity training sessions are offered free of charge.

To register for one of the following webinars or to view a full list of learning options, log in to the Availity portal and click Help | Get Trained at the top of any page. For help with registering for a webinar, e-mail [email protected].


Note: Not every webinar topic is available each month. Check Availity Training periodically for updated schedules. If a live webinar is not available, be sure to check our other learning resources including recorded webinars, online demonstrations, and the Availity Help system (click Help at the top of any page on the Availity Web Portal).

For a full list of learning options, log in to the Availity portal and click Free Training at the top of any page.