BCBSKS Foundation - How to Get Funding

Qualifying organizations must:

  1. Be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
  2. Reside in the foundation service area, which would be 103 Kansas counties (excluding Johnson and Wyandotte counties), and serve Kansans. If the request is approved, funds must be used in the Plan’s service area. The benefiting organization must have the ability to prove the funds were used in the 103-county service area.
  3. Complete a grant request indicating general information on the organization, the charitable purpose of the request, the benefit to the community, number of people directly benefited, anticipated results and how they would be measured and the acknowledgement that the Foundation would receive if the request was funded.
  4. Promote health improvement, health access, health education, healthy behaviors and prevention initiatives.

Funding will not be considered for:

  1. An individual’s medical care or support.
  2. Religious organizations if funds are used to benefit a specific congregation; however, programs sponsored by religious groups that are nonsectarian in nature may be eligible for support.
  3. Parent-teacher organizations (i.e. after prom events).
  4. Sponsorship of sports or athletic teams.
  5. Capital or renovation campaigns.
  6. Political campaigns or events, or political-related activity.
  7. Fundraising events/sponsorships.

How do I apply for funding?