Questions Regarding Guarantee Issue

What situations qualify as Guarantee Issue? 
You are guaranteed coverage in any of these situations:

  • You are losing your current coverage through no fault of your own, such as retiring
  • Your current carrier becomes insolvent or substantially violated a "material provision of the policy"
  • The plan has been terminated or is discontinuing providing benefits to the service area where you live
  • You move out of the service area
  • The plan or agent materially misrepresented the policy in marketing
  • Any other reason specified by Health and Human Services, or you lose eligibility for health benefits under Medicaid (Title XIX of Social Security)

How long do I have to be considered Guarantee Issue? 
You have 63 days from the date your other coverage terminated to apply with BCBSKS.

What information do I need to be considered Guarantee Issue? 
You will need to supply us with documented proof of your loss of coverage.