Questions About Coverage for Hearing Aids

Do you offer coverage for hearing aids? 
Medicare Supplemental policies do not cover hearing aids. However, our members have access to the HealthyOptions program that provides assistance with hearing aid coverage. HealthyOptions is an exclusive, value-added health and wellness online program that is provided to our members.

What providers that offer hearing aid assistance are available through HealthyOptions? 
Members have options available to them through TruHearing and Beltone.

What discounts are available through TruHearing? 
Discounts through TruHearing include::

  • 30 - 50 percent off the retail price of over 100 hearing aid models
  • Access to a professional network of over 4,100 hearing health providers nationwide
  • Three provider visits within the first year.
  • Fitting, training and adjustments included in the cost of the hearing aid
  • Three-year manufacturer's warranty for repairs and one-time loss and damage replacement
  • 48 free batteries per hearing aid

Members may contact TruHearing at 1-844-265-7899 to schedule an appointment.

What discounts are available through Beltone? 
Discounts through Beltone include:

  • Complimentary hearing screenings
  • Discounted prices on hearing aids
  • Belcare Lifetime Care at all participating Beltone locations
  • Free three-year supply of batteries (48 cells per year per aid)
  • Free three-year warranty that covers lost, stolen or damaged hearing aids