Mind & Body Man getting dental checkup

6 reasons you need regular dental checkups to help maintain your overall health

Although you may not associate dental care with medical care, the health of your mouth, teeth and gums is closely

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Could your medications affect your memory?

Picture an older woman whose memory has been slipping. She often misplaces her keys. She has trouble recalling names

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Finding the right mental health care provider, at your fingertips

Mental health is an important part of your overall health and well-being. It affects how you think, feel and act. It

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Guest blog: Improve and maintain your mental health

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas partners with New Directions to provide behavioral health screenings, resources and

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Preserve your aging joints

Skipping warm-ups and stretching. Getting injured during exercise or sports. A lot of us have been tough on our knees

Mind & Body Walking up steps

Take Steps Now to Stay Mobile Longer

Mobility is how well a person can move and get around. It’s not just walking or driving. It also affects things like