Questions Regarding Disability

How does Plan 65 differ for those under 65 with a disability? 
The Plan 65 coverage is exactly the same if you are on disability.

Do I have to answer health questions to qualify for disability? 
If you are within six months of your Medicare Part B effective date, or within 63 days of losing your coverage, then you are not required to complete a health statement.

If you are past that initial six-month period, you will need to complete a health statement. Your application will be forwarded to our underwriting department. They will determine your eligibility. You will receive a letter stating whether you were accepted and what your effective date is. If you are denied, you will be given the reason(s) why.  Please contact our Medicare advisors in Topeka at 785-291-4301 or toll free at 1-800-752-6650. To apply online, visit

If you received Medicare Part B retroactively, the six-month open enrollment period will start on the date your Medicare Part B became effective which will be stated in a letter from Medicare.

What if I am disabled, but turning 65? 
The open enrollment period will begin again the month you turn 65. This allows you to enroll in a Medicare policy without completing a health statement. If you already have Medicare, you can also select a different policy at this time.