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Medicare Advantage

Our Medicare Advantage plans have a network of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other providers. As a result, you may pay less for your covered benefits. However, you may also use providers that are not in our network, typically at a higher cost.

Medicare supplement

Medicare Supplement Plans

You won’t have a specific list of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas contracting health care providers to choose from.

You will receive the highest level of benefits for your plan when you choose a health care provider who accepts Medicare assignment. If you don't know whether your doctor, hospital or other health care provider accepts patients with Medicare, contact your local Medicare office.


When you have a dental plan with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas you get maximum benefits for using a contracting dentist. Find a contracting dentist in our directory.

Medicare Supplement Select Plans

If you are enrolled in a Medicare Supplement, which has hospital network limitations, you can view a map and list of hospitals in the select network. You are not limited to this group of hospitals in a medical emergency.

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