Institutional Provider Workshop Descriptions


Throughout the year, workshops for a specific facility type  may be conducted to update those providers of coding, billing or policy changes in Blue Cross that could have an affect on them as a Blue Cross provider. Workshop dates and times will vary so please sign-up for the Blue Cross workshop mailing list to receive the latest information.

All Payers Workshop

BCBSKS Institutional Provider Reps participate in the All Payers Workshop presented by the Kansas Hospital Association (KHA) and the Sunflower Chapter Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) each December.  During their presentation BCBSKS will present any updates on coding, policies and practices during their part of this workshop that are pertinent to our contracting providers.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs)

A BCBSKS ASC Workshop will cover updated BCBSKS policies and billing guidelines appropriate for ASCs, as well information on completing the UB-04 claim form.

Availity Workshops

Effective August 19, 2013, BCBSKS member benefit and eligibility verification and claims status information was no longer available on the BCBSKS secure website (BlueAccess) and providers are only be able to get that information on the Availity web portal.

For providers to access other items that are still located on BlueAccess, such as remittance advices and the electronic precertification system, providers will be required to log onto Availity in order to get back to BlueAccess through the Payer Resources tab on Availity.

BCBSKS will provide a webinar or workshop for providers who request training on Availity. BCBSKS wants to make sure our contracting providers get the training and information needed in order to use the Availity web portal.

Contact your provider representative to schedule training on the Availity Web Portal.


This half-day workshop is for facility staff members who are new to submitting claims and billing to BCBSKS or those who may need a refresher course on general BCBSKS guidelines.  We cover all the basic information you need to know regarding Blue Cross programs, such as general member benefits, current policies and guidelines, billing, tools and resources available on the BCBSKS website, and more.


This half-day workshop is for facility staff members who are advanced in submitting claims and billing to BCBSKS. We cover claims pricing, Quality Based Reimbursement Program (QBRP), call center impact, yearly membership changes and credit balances. We will provide a high level overview at this workshop. Resources for in-depth training will be available.

BCBSKS Webinars

BCBSKS Institutional Provider Relations Department will conduct webinars throughout the year on various topics for our different types of providers.  Each webinar will generally last 30-60 minutes and provide information on a specific subject.

Blues Tour

This half day meeting is usually held in August at various locations throughout the state of Kansas. Presentations include a variety of topics pertaining to institutional providers (e.g. claim filing and payment, BlueCard, policies, BCBSKS website).

Claims Pricing Workshops

BCBSKS Claims Pricing Workshops provide miscellaneous claims information and claims pricing information on BCBSKS claims submitted on the UB-04 claim form. The BCBSKS provider representatives will cover how to price a claim by applying the provider's contractual discounts, the inpatient incentives and the Quality-Based Reimbursement Program (QBRP) incentives.  The workshops will be interactive while working claims examples to gain practical experience.  The workshops will last approximately 90 minutes.

Dialysis (ESRD)

Free-standing and hospital based dialysis facilities can come to this half-day workshop to learn the latest trends and BCBSKS updates related to dialysis billing and coverage.

Home Health/Hospice

This workshop is a half-day workshop that reviews Blue Cross billing requirements and changes for home health and hospice billing.

Mental Health and Substance Use

This half-day workshop includes trends and changes related to partial hospitalization programs, as well as psychiatric units/facilities.

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