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2023 05/19/2023 S-1-23

What's Inside

  • Insurance Billers Workshop signup
  • Infliximab Preferred Biosimilar Update
  • Risk Adjustment
  • New Directions Name Change
  • Reminder for colonoscopies as a follow up to a positive Cologuard test
  • Update to enrollment and credentialing process
  • NCQA’s antibiotic-focused courses, CEUs, available on-demand for free
  • Remittance advice remark and reason codes: where to find them
  • Professional provider representatives available to you
  • CIK Association benefit information reminders
  • Deadline for Provider Information Portal (PRT)
  • Highmark transitions to MCG health clinical guidelines
  • QBRP incentive display inaccuracy
  • COVID-19 public health emergency ending; benefit modifications also ending
2022 05/27/2022 S-3-22
  • Coming Soon: Annual CAP Publication
  • Understanding Provider Directory Requirements
  • New Drug Management Program
  • BCBSKS Offering License Pharmacists to Join Network
  • BCBSKS Providers Billing Immediate Family Member Services
  • On the Move in Wichita
  • IBEW226 Members
  • St. Francis Ministries Benefit Information
  • Behavioral Health Workshop
2022 03/17/2022 S-2-22

Inside this issue:

  • Additional Instructions for Billing

    Code Ranges

  • Updated Biosimilars Reminder

  • Multiple Sclerosis Prior Authorization Updates

  • Update for Colonoscopies as a Follow up to Positive

    Cologuard Test

  • Provider Message Board

  • Understanding Provider Directory Requirements for

    the No Surprises Act

  • Update for Avastin Coding for Ophthalmic Use

2022 01/06/2022 S-1-22

The Consolidated Appropriations Act requires provider
directory information to be validated at least every 90 days

2021 12/01/2021 S-3-21

Inside this issue:

  • Long Hold Times - Self Serve for Convenience
  • Biosimilars Reminder
  • CGM Changes: Medical to RX
  • EFT Reminder
  • Refer Patients to MiResource for Mental Health Needs
  • EDI Requirement Change
  • S9328 Billed for Implantable Pain Pumps
  • Clarifications
  • Coding for Initial Hospital Care, Discharge, or Observation
  • BCBSMA New Utilization Management Program
  • Reminder: COVID-19 Changes to End, Additional Ones to Take Place
  • Medical Policy Updates
2021 09/02/2021 S-2-21

Inside this issue:

  • 2022 Annual CAP Publication
  • K-TRACS: Promoting Patient Safety
  • Biosimilars - Safe, effective treatment options
  • Pharmaceutical Formulary Update
  • Provider Attestation 2022 Change
  • Billing Reminders
  • Highmark Prior Auth Changes
  • Web Changes - Medical Policy
2021 04/21/2021 S-1-21

Inside this issue:

  • EFT allows providers faster payment, less hassle, paperwork
  • High cost drugs and Therapies
  • Pharmaceutical Formulary update
  • Telehealth Grants Available
  • Billing for Preparation of Vials of Non-Venom Antigens
  • Earn Free CME for Immunization Education Offered by Open Bed Campaign
  • Medical Records Request
  • 99201 Deleted Effective 01/01/21
  • Insurance Billers Workshops
  • Clinical Lab, Pathology, and Interpretive Services Filing Requirements
  • Updating BCBSKS Directory
  • Telehealth Billing Reminders
  • Web Changes - Medical Policy
2020 12/18/2020 S-9-20

Inside this issue:

  • Important COVID-19 Resources to Monitor
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Billing Information
  • Importance of Routine Vaccinations During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Oxygen Saturations During Telehealth Visits
2020 11/05/2020 S-8-20

Inside this issue:

  • Highmark expands prior authorization requirements
  • Increased Call Volume, Hold Times and Self Service Options
  • Pharmaceutical Formulary Update
  • Attention Prescriber - New Program Allows for Prior-Authorization Expiration Notification
  • Clarification of COVID-19 Testing
  • COVID-19 Billing and
  • Reimbursement
  • Drug Cost Transparency Tools Available for Boeing Group Members
  • Uploading Records via Availity
  • Medical Record Retrieval Coordinator for Affordable Care Act Programs
  • Action Required - Provider Business Arrangements
  • Avoidance of Antibiotics
  • CDC Offering Free Continuing Education Credits
  • QBRP Eligibility Update
  • Modifiers for Diabetic Equipment and Supplies
  • BCBSKS Retirements, Promotions and New Staff
  • Web Changes - Medical Policy
2020 06/26/2020 S-7-20

Inside this issue:

  • Update: How BCBSKS is Responding to COVID-19
2020 06/08/2020 S-6-20

Inside this issue:

  • Billing for Preparation of Vials of Non-Venom Antigens
  • Formulary Oxycodone switches to long-acting
  • National Drug Code (NDC) Format Change
  • BCBSKS Agreement with KHIN for HIE Reminder
  • New Wellness Maternity Program
  • Web Changes — Medical Policy
2020 04/29/2020 S-5-20

Inside this issue:

  • Advanced Payments for Contracting Providers
2020 04/22/2020 S-4-20

Inside this issue:

  • Annual CAP distribution to be electronic
2020 03/20/2020 S-3-20

Inside this issue:

  • Telehealth Services Temporarily Expanded
2020 03/02/2020 S-1-20

Inside this issue:

  • Telemedicine services: Distant vs. Originating site
  • Modifier 25 Do’s and Don’ts
  • Place of Service must match hospital
  • Are you MA contracting?
  • Don’t submit medical records on CD, USB drive
  • EFT allows faster payment, less hassle
  • Use 99455 for KDOT physicals only
  • Formulary oxycodone switches to long-acting
  • Pharmaceutical Formulary Update