Cowley County

Coalition: RISE Cowley
Contact: Yazmin Wood
Email: [email protected]
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Website: RISE Cowley Facebook
Pathways community since: August 2017

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About the coalition

We are RISE Cowley, a coalition of like-minded organizations dedicated to working to make Cowley County a healthier place to live, work and play. Our communities share the traits of passion, perseverance and pride. RISE Cowley seeks to promote healthy lifestyles by collaborating to raise awareness and encourage involvement for all residents of Cowley County. RISE stands for ‘Raising awareness, Improving health, Supporting collaboration and Energizing communities.

We are excited to build upon the work undertaken in our county in Pathways Phase One and improve upon it in Phase Two. The continued guidance, assistance and funding provided in Phase Two will allow our community to examine policy and systemic-level barriers to health in our county and to explore creative solutions. We are eager to dig deeper to continue making an impact.


Impact reports and survey results

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