Kearny County

Coalition: Kearny County Wellness Coalition
Contact: Shelly Harper, Kearny County Hospital
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 620-355-7112 (ext:1362)
Website: Kearny County Wellness Coalition Facebook
Pathways community since: August 2016

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About the coalition

In an effort to improve the health outcomes of our residents, the Kearny County Wellness Coalition works to create opportunities and access to nutritious foods and physical activity, as well as removing barriers that make it hard to live an active and healthy lifestyle. By creating policies that support general health and wellbeing within our communities, we are creating a culture and an environment of health and wellness for our diverse population. We work to eliminate barriers to health and increase resources to help families make healthy choices every day. The Pathways grant is helping our communities to eat healthy, live active and be tobacco free.


Impact reports and survey results

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