Glossary of Health Insurance Terms

As you explore our site, you may come across an unfamiliar word or term. We've developed a glossary that we hope will help you.

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See "International Classification of Diseases."


See "Individual Consideration."


See "International Classification of Diseases."


See "Internal Control Number" and "Inquiry Control Number."

Identification card

The card issued to identify a member of BCBSKS and what coverage the member and any family members on the policy have.


A charge billable on the date that the service is performed or the supply or equipment is delivered.

Indemnified amount

See "Indemnity contract."

Indemnified payment limitation balance

See "Contract indemnified payment limitation balance."

Indemnity benefit(s)

See "Indemnity contract."

Indemnity contract

A patient contract that pays a set amount for a specific service, balances are patient's financial responsibility.

Individual Consideration (IC)

By using modifier "22" immediately following the procedure code, a provider may request special review of the service because of unusual circumstances. Additional information must accompany the claim. This information should document the unusual circumstances.

Individual provider number

A unique numeric identifier for each eligible provider that gives BCBSKS an audit trail of who performed the services and who was reimbursed for those services. See "Common pay provider number" and "Claims filing". Without this information BCBSKS is not able to determine whom to pay.

Individual stop loss

When a patient's contract requires that a coinsurance amount be the patient's responsibility, there is also a total amount that the patient has as out-of-pocket expense for covered services before BCBSKS begins to reimburse 100 percent of the allowed charge; this amount is referred to as the individual stop loss.

Initial appeal

The first step or first level in the BCBSKS appeal procedure. A peer consultant makes the decision at this level.

Injured on the job

When a patient is hurt during work-related duties, it is referred to as injured on the job, work comp, work compensation, or work related injury. These services are always filed with the Workers' Compensation carrier first.

Injury - physical harm

See "Accidental injury."


A patient who is staying in the hospital and receiving room, board and general nursing care.

Inquiry Control Number (ICN)

The unique numeric sequence that identifies a specific contact to CSC.


Any person entitled to receive medical, surgical and ancillary services pursuant to the terms of BCBSKS underwritten or administered contracts referencing contracting providers.

Inter-Plan Teleprocessing System (ITS)

See “BlueCard Program.”


See "Medicare Part A Intermediary."

Internal Control Number (ICN)

The unique sequence of numeric characters that BCBSKS assigns to each claim as it is imaged and before it is processed.

International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9)(I-9)

An alpha-numeric coding system that identifies the complaints, symptoms and diagnosis of a patient.


See "Experimental or Investigational."