Glossary of Health Insurance Terms

As you explore our site, you may come across an unfamiliar word or term. We've developed a glossary that we hope will help you.

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Waiting period

The period of time between the effective date of the patient's contract and the date when benefits are available. It may be 240 days or 270 days and may apply to only certain specified conditions. There are usually two kinds of waiting periods; insurance company -imposed -i.e. maternity benefits may not be available for 240 days after the effective date of the patient's contract and pre-existing condition -i.e. care for back conditions may not be available for 240 days from the effective date of the patient's contract when there is evidence of previous care for this condition.


A form that a provider must have the patient sign that notifies the patient of financial responsibility if the services are questionable as to medical necessity or are considered deluxe or custom items.


See "Workers' Compensation."


See "Medicaid."

Wichita Regional Office

The BCBSKS Wichita site that houses the provider relations, professional relations, Medicaid, Medicare and marketing representatives and medical review staff.


The portion of the monthly capitation payment to PCPs that is not paid to them until the end of the designated time period. The PCP may be paid all or a portion of this money if they meet certain performance standards during the designated time frame.

Work Comp (WC)

See "Workers' Compensation."

Work related

See "Workers' Compensation."


The total patient evaluation, which may include but not be limited to assessments, radiologic series, medical history, and diagnostic procedures.

Workers' Compensation (WC)

The insurance coverage for injuries or illnesses that arise out of or in the course of employment without regard to negligence or fault. The employer purchases this coverage. Services should be billed to the WC insurance carrier first and then billed to BCBSKS attaching the WC carrier's payment decision. The Kansas provision states that the patient may seek care from the provider of their choice for the first $500 of incurred charges.