Improve quality of life

We provide the tools to help members take charge of their lives.

Our nurses provide one-on-one support to members via telephone calls to help them develop self-care habits. In the program, members will discuss lifestyle changes, such as healthy eating and increasing their physical activity. Nurses will also review the importance, doses, timing and frequency, role, side effects, precautions, barriers to adherence and storage of medications. On average, our members consistently score us 3.96 on a 4-point scale. Members felt their nurse helped them identify and manage their healthcare needs, and were satisfied with their disease management experience. Consider enrolling if you have any of these health conditions:

Asthma (ages 5+)

  • Find out how asthma impacts the lungs
  • Understand asthma triggers
  • Learn to recognize symptoms of a flare up and how to treat it


  • Understand lung functions and stages of COPD
  • Learn techniques to manage a flare up
  • Develop an action plan and determine when to seek treatment

Diabetes (ages 5+)

  • Learn healthy nutrition and exercise
  • Understand importance of monitoring glucose levels
  • Receive support to ensure comprehensive care

Heart disease

  • Learn the symptoms of coronary artery disease and when to seek treatment
  • Understand signs and symptoms of heart failure
  • Know your numbers like blood pressure, blood fats, weight and when to seek treatment

High blood pressure

  • Learn the risks of high blood pressure
  • Develop nutrition and exercise strategies to reduce blood pressure
  • Understand the importance of blood pressure monitoring and use of medications

High cholesterol

  • Learn risks of high cholesterol
  • Know your numbers and lab value goals
  • Develop nutrition and exercise strategies to manage cholesterol

Rights and responsibilities


I'm a provider referring my patient to your disease management program and would like to view my rights and responsibilities:


To obtain a copy of the program description, clinical guidelines, editorial policies or outcomes, email to [email protected].

Our free disease management programs are available for members, ages 18 and older, who have BCBSKS as their primary carrier. For more information, call 800-520-3137 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Participation in the program is voluntary and the member may elect to withdraw at any time. Any information gathered during the course of the program will remain strictly confidential. Participation will in no way affect the benefits of the member’s contract. State of Kansas employees, as well as some other employer groups, do not provide our programs as an option. If you are an employee at one of those businesses, contact your human resources department to inquire about similar programs.

URAC Accredited Disease Management Expires 09/01/2026