Getting Started

Congratulations! You’ve decided to help your organization get on the road to wellness by starting a Strive Rewards program.

We’re here to help.

As your partner, we’re providing templates and tools to assist your wellness program deliver a structured rewards strategy for your employees.

There are 4 reward programs templates to choose from: Strive Starter, Advanced, Premier and All-Star. View the program comparison guide. 

Once you’ve decided which structure best fits your organization’s needs, please complete this form so we can begin initial set-up.

To get started, Blue Cross will meet with your organization a few times to review your chosen program details. Once a few edits are completed to personalize your program, we’ll test the system to ensure it is working properly. When your program launches, we will schedule periodic meetings to ensure things are running smoothly. Periodic reports will be delivered automatically from Strive to your primary contact person.

Please note, setting up your program structure, testing and getting started, Blue Cross will need up to 90 days for implementation.


What your organization will need to do.

Once your organization knows when your rewards program will be active, you will need to develop personalized communications about program specifics and share those with employees. They will need to set-up an account with Strive, log-in and record their activities.

You can use these templates to develop a personalized instruction sheet with those details. 

Strive Starter Template

Advanced Template

Premier Template

All-Star Template


For questions about Strive or a Strive rewards program, contact your Blue Cross sales representative or one of our employer wellness coordinators at [email protected].