Specialty pharmacy


Accredo – *Preferred Specialty Pharmacy
BCBSKS is proud to introduce you to the Specialty Pharmacy Program. This program benefits members with conditions requiring specialty medications. Specialty medications generally meet one or more of the following characteristics:

  • High cost due to treatment of complex conditions
  • Self-injected, inhaled or taken orally
  • Special handling or storage
  • Strict compliance and patient support
  • Additional education and support required from a health care professional
  • Usually not stocked at retail pharmacies
  • May only be available through limited distribution arrangements

See most current list of specialty medications.

* Your prescription drug benefit may require you to use Accredo to be eligible for benefits. If you have questions about your specialty pharmacy benefit, please call the phone number on your identification card.

Through Accredo, medications and supplies will be delivered to you or to your doctor’s office (where allowed by law). In addition, you will also receive at no additional charge the following services:

  • 24/7 access to patient care advocates and specialty-trained pharmacists and nurses with extensive experience in your condition.
  • Refill reminders based on communication preferences – call, text message, email or mobile app.
  • Manage your specialty medications on accredo.com or on the Accredo® mobile app – you can even refill many medications online. (Not available for all specialty medications.)
  • Accredo offers free delivery of your medication on a day that works for you.
  • Most supplies, such as needles and syringes, are provided with your specialty medication at no charge.

To order through Accredo:

  • Have your doctor call in your prescription to Accredo at 833-721-1620 or fax it to 888-302-1028.
  • Once received, Accredo’s patient care advocates will call you to begin the process of scheduling your first dose with free delivery on a date that works for you. Accredo will ship your medication with any special handling it may need, such as refrigeration.
  • If you receive copay assistance, please have the information ready to provide to the Accredo patient care advocate.
  • To refill a script, there are several ways you may order subsequent refills. You can call Accredo at the number on your prescription label or at 833-721-1620. Many medications can also be refilled safely online once registered at Accredo.com or via the Accredo mobile app. When it’s time to reorder, you’ll receive a communication (phone call or text) to schedule shipment, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of your medication.

    If you are out of refills, Accredo is ready to work with you and your doctor to help you receive the best possible care.
  • You can pay by debit or credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa), with your checking account, or through a flexible spending account (FSA). You may also send a check via mail to: Accredo Health, Inc., PO Box 954041, St Louis, MO 63195.

BCBSKS will notify members who have conditions treated with specialty medications about the Specialty Pharmacy Program. Our goal is to help our members get the best results from their prescribed medication therapy. Improving compliance will result in better treatment outcomes and reduce overall health care costs.

Expanded Specialty Pharmacy Options for Fertility Drugs

Accredo pharmacy does not dispense fertility drugs, but instead Freedom Fertility, an Express Scripts fertility pharmacy which focuses exclusively in fertility treatment. If your benefits include mandatory specialty pharmacy and you need to obtain a specialty fertility drug, the prescription should be sent to Freedom Fertility.

Freedom Fertility Pharmacy contact information:

Specialty Hemophilia Medications

Your prescription drug benefit may require you to obtain specialty hemophilia medications through your pharmacy benefit. This applies to members who use the ResultsRx formulary, as well as groups who opt into this benefit design. If you have questions about your specialty pharmacy benefit, as it pertains to hemophilia drugs, please call the phone number on your identification card.

In addition to Accredo, specialty hemophilia medications may be obtained through the following providers, subject to the same in-network benefits as when filled at Accredo:

MagellanRx Specialty Pharmacy

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas has partnered with CivicaScript to bring our members low cost medications. Your prescription drug benefit may require you to obtain Abiraterone through MagellanRx.

MagellanRx contact information: