Duplicate coverage questions

Why are you asking about duplicate coverage?

As a cost containment measure, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS) health contracts contain a non-duplication of benefits provision. The provision ensures that our customers do not receive duplicate payments for the same claim through multiple health insurance policies or carriers; payment between the two (or more) carriers may not exceed the total charge of the claim.

These cost containment features are called other party liability. They lessen the amount of money the insurance company pays and helps keep rates lower for our customers. Through the other party liability process, our customers save millions of dollars each year.

How do I submit my information to you?

BCBSKS sends out routine, periodic inquiries to our members to verify if they have duplicate coverage. If you, your spouse or your covered dependent children are enrolled in other health insurance, please complete the duplicate coverage questions form and return to us. This will help us coordinate benefits with other insurance carriers and save money for our members. You can return the form to us in one of two ways:

If you have any questions regarding duplicate coverage or other party liability, contact us at 1-800-430-1274. We will be happy to assist you.

More information about other party liability