Duplicate coverage - FAQs

    Your contract excludes benefits for health services resulting from accidental bodily injuries arising out of contact with a motor vehicle. This means even though the car wasn't in motion, a car was involved in the accident and you need to file the claim with the motor vehicle insurance carrier before payment can be considered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas.

    First, you need to file a claim with your automobile insurance carrier. Then, you need to send us a complete itemized statement with the following information; provider of services, dates of services, total charges, amounts paid by auto insurance, to whom payment was made and a statement that automobile insurance benefits are exhausted.

    We need evidence that claims were submitted to and considered by the workers' compensation/no-fault carrier before we may consider services for eligible benefits. Your contract excludes coverage for services which are eligible under these carriers.

    Injuries occurring on the job, on company property or as the result of occupational circumstances must be submitted to the patient's workers' compensation carrier for consideration before being considered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas.

    The claim is not eligible for payment. Your contract states that "if you enter into a settlement giving up your right to recover future medical benefits under a workers' compensation law, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas will not pay those Medical benefits."

    Send us, in writing, the facts stating that the parent with the obligation is not carrying such insurance as decreed.

    This is a routine cost containment procedure. In order to keep records as up-to-date as possible, we attempt to reverify approximately every 18 months that our insureds have no duplicate coverage.