Get the most out of your prescription benefits

Understand the drugs and pharmacies available to you.

Pharmacy and prescription drugs

We know prescription drugs can sometimes make up a large part of your overall health care spending. Prescription drug coverage can help you manage those costs. We have some helpful tools to get the most out of your insurance.

Prescription drug coverage

Find out whether your prescription is covered and what your cost will be.


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Please review the BCBSKS BlueCare/EPO Medication List for 2024 coverage.

Get the most out of your prescription drug benefits

PrimeMail Order

Mail order is easy and convenient. You can have your prescriptions delivered right to your home with our mail order service.

Generic drugs

Discover the money-saving advantages of using generics.

Find a pharmacy

Find a participating pharmacy located near you by using Prime, our pharmacy benefit manager.

Prior authorization

Learn what drugs require prior authorization.


Download prescription claim or mail order forms.

Maintenance drugs

Learn whether your prescription is considered a maintenance drug.

Blue MedicareRx

Learn more about our Medicare Part D prescription drug plan.

Quantity limits

View the list of drugs with a quantity limit.

Specialty pharmacy

This program benefits members with conditions requiring specialty medications.