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BlueCare plan overview

The plans we offer Kansans are labeled “Metallics.” This is how we group our plans to make it easier for you to identify the plan best for you.

Here’s a quick look at what each plan has to offer:

Bronze plans

  • Lower monthly premium
  • Higher out-of-pocket costs when you receive medical care
  • A good option if you are a young adult and expect to have few health services during the plan year.

Silver plans

  • Monthly premium is generally higher than Bronze
  • Moderate out-of-pocket costs when you receive medical care
  • A good option if you want to balance your monthly premium and out-of-pocket expenses.

Gold plans

  • Monthly premium is generally higher than Silver
  • Lower out-of-pocket costs when you receive medical care
  • A good option if you expect to have many health services during the plan year.

Knowing which tax credit premiums you’re eligible for is an important step in knowing where (and how) you’d like to apply. Use this Health Insurance Marketplace Calculator before starting your enrollment process to learn more about your tax credit premium eligibility.

Please note, BlueCare plans are offered in all Kansas counties except Johnson and Wyandotte.

Enrollment process

Follow these four steps, and you’ll be on your way to coverage with BlueCare, meaning you can focus on just living life.

Review and compare plans

1. Review and compare plans

Check subsidy eligibility

2. Check subsidy eligibility

(and special enrollment qualifiers, if applicable)

Choose your enrollment path

3. Choose your enrollment path

Direct with us or
Premium Tax Credit Eligible Plans

Complete enrollment

4. Complete enrollment

Just like that! Your enrollment is sent to our team for review, and once your enrollment is processed, you will receive your member packet and ID card in the mail. Please note, our team will contact you directly via phone with questions as needed to complete your enrollment processes.

Why Blue?

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Largest network

Health insurance shouldn’t stop at your local provider or hospital. That’s why we work with a wide network of providers in Kansas so our members have coverage across the state without worry. Traveling out of state? Your plan will provide coverage for emergent situations (as long as you're within the United States). For international travel, check out GeoBlue travel health insurance for coverage outside of the United States.


We appreciate Kansans for Kansans because it’s who we are. Our staff live and work in Kansas – from customer service to sales to our President & CEO, Matt All, who was raised in Augusta. But, saying we’re Kansans and showing we’re Kansans aren’t the same, so we’re here to prove it. Check out how we’re engaged in our communities, showing up for Kansas, and continuing to be here for Kansans in every moment.

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Customer service

We understand that health insurance is confusing. Our customer service team is here for you. We will help you understand the basics like forms and terms, but we will also make the calls, have the conversations, and push for your wellbeing (with your permission, of course). We’re here to be a partner in your health and wellness journey.

Frequently asked questions

We offer several BlueCare plans you can compare and enroll in during a Special Enrollment Period or Open Enrollment Period. Open Enrollment for Plan Year 2024 is from Nov. 1 - Jan. 15, 2024. Be sure to enroll by Dec. 15 to have coverage on Jan. 1, 2024.

    Shop direct with us or view plans eligible for premium tax credits through the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace to compare and shop BlueCare plans.

    You’ll want to review coverage details such as in-network and out-of-network deductible, co-insurance, and out-of-pocket maximums. Other important coverage to review includes provider co-pays, prescription coverage, and emergency care coverage.

    A Special Enrollment Period occurs anytime outside of Open Enrollment Period when you have a qualifying life event where your health insurance needs are impacted and need a change, such as adding new family members or starting a new business. Open Enrollment Period is an annual period where you can enroll in new or renew existing coverage for the upcoming plan year, where no qualifying life event is necessary to complete enrollment.

    Shopping directly with us means that your enrollment process will be handled directly through our BuyBlue shopping site, and you will not be eligible for any Federal Health Insurance Marketplace (also known as Exchange and/or subsidies or additional assistance. Shopping for plans available on the Marketplace means you will complete the enrollment process through a secure system connected directly to the Marketplace, or direct through, where you will have access to subsidies to help with the cost of monthly premiums. Throughout the entire process, you can review and compare plans and check subsidy eligibility prior to completing the enrollment process. Regardless of where you enroll, when you choose a BlueCare plan, you will be a BCBSKS member, meaning you’ll have access to all our great resources all the time.