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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please select one of the topics below to view the most frequently asked questions.

    Group enrollment changes

    When can a dependent be added to a policy?

    A dependent may be added to a member's policy at a qualifying event or open enrollment period.

    How is a newborn child added to a policy?

    If the policy currently covers a child or children, the newborn's coverage is effective on the birth date, but the newborn still needs to be added to the member's policy by completing a change form.

    If a member's current policy does not cover children, a change form must be received within 60 days of the baby's birth in order to change the policy to one that does cover children.

    To obtain a copy of the change form, please see the Forms section of this site.

    What should happen if a member gets a divorce?

    The member and the group leader must sign a change form within 60 days of when the divorce is granted by a court of law. The effective date will be the first of the month following the date the divorce is granted.

    To obtain a change form contact your group leader or Contact Us.

    What should happen if a member reaches age 65?

    You and your employee will be notified three months before the 65th birthday of the options available for continued coverage should the member decide to retire at age 65.

    BCBSKS offers Medicare supplement coverage through our Plan 65 and Plan 65-Select programs. Information about these programs will be sent to the member automatically.

    If an employee retires prior to age 65, he or she could have conversion options available. Please contact our office for additional information.

    General questions

    When is our payment due in Topeka?

    Your BCBSKS coverage is a prepaid health plan. Therefore, payment is due no later than the first of the month. Premiums must be submitted before claims will be paid for that period of time.

    How do I drop someone from our group?

    Indicate all changes on the group billing notice. Add or subtract any additions, changes, terminations or cancellations from the total amount of your bill and return the adjusted amount to us along with the group billing notice. Please include one original group billing summary page and do these things:

    • Subtract all terminations and cancellations from the total amount billed, along with a note stating the name of the person to be cancelled, the reason for the cancellation and the effective date.
    • Include the employee’s full name, Social Security number or identification number and amount paid when adding employees to your plan.
    • Indicate the amount paid as the result of any changes made to the Group Billing Notice.
    • Use only black or blue ink.
    • Provide a current address for all terminated employees so we can contact them.

    Can a husband and wife with no dependent children enroll as two singles in our group?

    No, unless either the husband or wife is eligible for Medicare (and not affected by TEFRA) or unless both are employed by your company.

    How do I enroll an employee?

    Complete an enrollment form, and have the employee sign and date it. The enrollment form must be signed and received by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas prior to the 60th day following the date of hire or completion of the company imposed waiting period.

    Where should I call if I wish to change the benefits of my group?

    In order to change or modify the contract your group is enrolled in, please contact your representative. If you are unsure who your representative is, you can contact the Topeka office and they will refer you to the correct representative.

    Is coverage extended due to a dependent being a full-time student?

    In most cases the length of time dependent children are covered under your contract is not influenced by whether or not they are living at home or attending school on a full-time basis.

    When does a dependent's coverage end?

    As a result of health care reform changes, eligible dependents are covered until age 26. Marital or student status is no longer applicable.

    General claims questions

    How should a claim be filed?

    There are virtually no routine forms to fill out or claims to file when a contracting provider is used. If a non-contracting provider will not file claims, send an itemized statement (including the member's identification number, physician's name, service date, complete description of the services received with charges for each service and diagnosis) from that provider, and send it along with a claim form within 90 days to:

    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas
    1133 SW Topeka Blvd.
    Topeka, KS 66629-0001

    Reimbursement for covered services will be according to the benefits of the program.

    What should an employee do with a claim if (s)he goes to a provider in another state?

    If services are received in another state, the member will need to know if the provider is participating with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan in that state. If so, the provider will need to submit the claims directly to that state's Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan. If not, the member may submit the claims to us for processing. Be sure to indicate on the claim that the provider does not participate with their state's Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan.

    An employee received services in Kansas but has coverage with a Blue Plan in another state. What happens to the claims?

    If the provider is contracting with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, the provider will submit the claim. If the provider is not contracting with BCBSKS and will not submit the claim, you can submit it to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan in your home state.

    Where do I look for participating provider information?

    To find a participating provider, see our online Provider Directory or call 1-800-810-BLUE (2583).

    How can I find out what the codes mean on my Special Funded claims billing?

    You can get the information from the BCBSKS claims code legend.

    Connect with us

    Customer service representatives are available to receive your call from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.