Save on healthcare when you shop.

SmartShopper® delivers cost savings when you shop to find cost-effective care.

1. Log in to BlueAccess®
2. Click on the Doctors/Hospitals link
3. Shop for a reward eligible location for your procedure

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How it works

With SmartShopper®, you can easily compare convenient, high-quality, in-network locations for common medical care and be redirected to the most cost-effective facility of your choice. In addition to lowering costs, you can earn a share of the overall savings as cash rewards of $20  - $425.

Medical procedure costs vary by location

Use SmartShopper to compare in-network prices for nearly 200+ procedures at high-quality locations. Call or shop online so you can earn cash and save money out of pocket with SmartShopper!

Here’s how it works


Compare prices and rewards by shopping online or calling the Care Concierge Team at 866-820-6426.


Schedule your appointment or let the Care Concierge Team do it for you.


Earn your cash reward by having your appointment within the year.

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Incentives are available for select procedures only. Payments are a taxable form of income. Rewards may be delivered by check or an alternative form of payment. All members that have Medicare or Medicaid (or some form of managed Medicare or Medicaid) are not eligible to receive incentive rewards under the SmartShopper program.