Duplicate coverage - no-fault auto coverage

The State of Kansas enforces what is known as the Auto Reparations Act of 1974, which requires all residents of the state who are titled owners of motor vehicles to carry Personal Injury Protection as a part of their motor vehicle insurance.

Personal Injury Protection benefits apply to any accidental, bodily injury arising out of the ownership, operation, maintenance or use of a motor vehicle. This means the vehicle does not have to be moving in order for an injury to be covered by your motor vehicle insurance policy. Should you get your finger caught in the door of your vehicle, or bump your head while entering your vehicle, the health services required for that injury are covered by Personal Injury Protection Benefits.

Most Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas contracts exclude benefits for health services resulting from accidental injuries involving a motor vehicle if the services are covered by any medical expense payment provision of any automobile insurance policy (by whatever terms used in policy). Motor vehicle insurance medical benefits must be completely exhausted before we can determine what, if any, benefits we will pay.

If you are involved in an accident that is in any way related to a motor vehicle, we encourage you to tell your health care provider and to file the claim with the motor vehicle insurance carrier. If the motor vehicle insurance carrier does not honor the claim or the claim is not covered because the medical benefits are exhausted, the claim can then be filed with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. You must, however, supply us with the motor vehicle insurance carrier's denial or statement indicating the amount of coverage available for both Personal Injury Protection and Excess Medical Benefits, and what medical bills these benefits paid.