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What is an Association Health Plan (AHP)?

A type of group medical insurance for organizations that allow smaller companies to access the health insurance savings associated with large group medical coverage.

How it works:

  • Employers band together to purchase insurance
  • This allows for more people in the pool
  • The more people included, the more options, and potentially lower cost


Who/What business types are allowed to join an AHP?

A business with two or more employees who have W-2s.


Who can enroll in the Chamber Blue of Kansas health insurance plan?

Members of Kansas Chambers participating in Chamber Blue of Kansas.


Who regulates AHPs?

The Kansas Insurance Department and Kansas Department of Labor monitor and regulate AHPs. The Chamber Blue of Kansas plan is fully insured through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas and is fully compliant with all state and federal regulations. With this arrangement, there is no requirement to build a claims fund and there is no liability for claims payment. As a group with the Chamber Blue of Kansas, you will have an assigned Blue Cross representative to guide you through onboarding, enrollment and provide ongoing support.


How much does it cost? Are there additional fees?

Based on the census information provided by participating employers, we have developed the monthly premiums for employees. In addition, Chamber Blue of Kansas will be adding an administration fee to member premiums.


Are dependents eligible for this plan?

  • Lawful spouses may be enrolled as dependents.
  • Dependents with disabilities: If the child is eligible according to the terms of the member’s contract, an Application for Coverage of Dependent With Disabilities must be completed. For further information, contact the customer service center at 800-432-3990.
  • Grandchildren and adopted children: Children not by birth, adoption or placement for adoption may be eligible. Members should contact the customer service center at 800-432-3990.
  • Stepchildren must be under age 26 and the employee must be legally married to the stepchild(ren)’s legal guardian.
  • Dependent children by birth must be under age 26.


Does Chamber Blue of Kansas cover pre-existing conditions?

Yes, there are no exclusions or waiting periods. Benefits are provided on day one of coverage.


Can my organization drop my current health insurance and enroll in Chamber Blue of Kansas even though their existing plan is still current?

If you are currently covered under a Blue Cross fully insured plan, you can terminate your current plan at any time during the plan year. If your plan is currently self-funded or if you are covered under another carrier, you will need to check with your health insurance representative.


How is the monthly premium determined?

The monthly premium is determined based on the expected risk of the group – also known as a pool – based on demographics and other measures used to determine the anticipated total of medical costs or claims. Each year, Blue Cross compares the monthly premium to the total medical costs/claims paid, along with other factors to determine the rate for the following year. When do the deductible and coinsurance (if applicable) reset? This health insurance plan will run the calendar year. Deductible and coinsurance will reset every year on January 1.