Contact Us - Fraud


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas has a dedicated unit to investigate referrals and tips from people suspecting insurance fraud. If you suspect someone should not be covered under someone else’s health care plan (i.e., divorced spouse), or you have been billed for a service you never received, call us at:

800-432-0216, ext. 6400 (toll-free)

785-291-6400 (in Topeka)

All information is kept confidential, and you may remain anonymous.

The National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association predicts that fraud costs Americans between $33 billion and $55 billion each year, or roughly three to five percent of our nation’s health care expenses. Fraud inflates the true cost of health expenditures and raises the cost of health insurance premiums. To protect yourself from fraud, and avoid getting scammed, follow these five tips.

We are committed to eliminating all fraudulent activity through prevention and awareness, to keep the cost of health care coverage within everyone's reach.

Email us if you would like to report suspected insurance fraud.