Celebrating 80 years

We couldn't have made it to our 80th year in business without members like you. As we look to the next 80 years, we appreciate you trusting us with your health insurance needs and look forward to working together to make Kansas a healthier state. We hope you will watch this special message from Matt All, president/CEO.


We can help you connect to community resources

Finding help to meet your needs is easy. BCBSKS is providing you with access to a free community resource directory to assist you with finding services in your area.

Find the right mental health care. Right now.

To better connect Kansans with in-network mental health care, BCBSKS has partnered with MiResource to help guide you through the process of identifying the right mental health care for your unique needs whether it's your first time seeking care, or you are reestablishing treatment or you are helping a loved one.


Shop for a plan.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas offers a variety of health and dental insurance plans for individuals, families and employers located in Kansas.


Individual and family plans

If you live in Kansas and are not eligible for coverage through an employer, Medicare or Medicaid these medical and dental plans are for you.


Business health insurance

Employers based in Kansas with one or more employees will find a wide variety of medical and dental plans as well as group retiree plans.


Medicare plans

Eligible for Medicare? Learn about a variety of insurance options we offer, including Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplement and Medicare prescription drug (Part D) plans.


Dental plans

Complete your health coverage with a dental plan! We offer a variety of dental benefit options.


Traveling or living abroad?

Don't leave home without the right coverage. Choose customizable short or a long-term health plan if you will be living and traveling abroad. 

Health Assessment

Members: Login to BlueAccess to complete your health assessment through the WebMD portal.


COVID-19: Blue Cross Member FAQs
BCBSKS members can find answers to common questions related to COVID-19.