Healthy Habits for Life is a major grant-giving program of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation for schools. It is offered to help schools fund healthy initiatives for students in kindergarten through grade 12.

The Healthy Habits for Life program is offering grants to assist schools in promoting healthy lifestyle choices to their K-12 students. School nurses, physical education teachers, principals, health or family and consumer science teachers, or other administrators are encouraged to apply for funding that they may use during 2024.

The Foundation recognizes that schools have a unique opportunity to teach students about healthy habits through curriculum and programs that reach them where they spend so much of their time: school. As a young, captive audience, students can be more easily influenced to develop life-long healthy habits and behaviors. The Foundation hopes that curbing childhood obesity and improving mental health now will translate into healthy adults later, saving health care dollars for all Kansans.

The Foundation is seeking programs that will help Kansas youth:

  • Reduce their cardiovascular risk,
  • Increase their physical activity,
  • Learn healthy eating habits, or
  • Reinforce positive mental health

About the Program

  1. Grants are being offered in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation service area, which includes all Kansas counties except Johnson and Wyandotte.
  2. The maximum grant amount is $2,000 and grants are limited to one per school. School personnel are encouraged to collaborate on a program for their school. Funds cannot be used for salary or wages of any staff or employee; all funds must directly benefit the needs of the program for students.
  3. The funds will be used for programs administered during the 2024 calendar year.
  4. Past grant recipients are eligible to apply again but must adequately explain how an additional grant would allow them to either expand their existing program or create a new one.

Healthy Habits for Life Grant Application

Thank you for your interest in Healthy Habits for Life. The grant application registration period has closed. Please check back in September of 2024 for next year’s registration period.

For more information or to submit a grant request, contact:

Marlou Wegener 
Chief Operating Officer 
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation 
Mail Stop 529B2 
1133 SW Topeka Blvd. 
Topeka, KS 66629-0001

Email: [email protected]