Continued group coverage


Employers who offer a group health plan for their employees and have fewer than 20 employees on the payroll are affected by the provisions of the 1984 Kansas Senate Bill 704. This law governs group health insurance benefits for hospital/medical/surgical services. If employees and/or dependents have been covered by group health insurance coverage for 90 days prior to termination, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas must make available, to the individual(s) affected, the same group hospital/medical/surgical coverage they had prior to termination. This continuation of coverage must be offered at the same premium available through the group for a period of six months. Individuals choosing this option will be billed directly by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas - not through the group. This law affects all groups except those on self-insurance. If the group health insurance is replaced by a similar group coverage within 31 days, the employee is not eligible for continued group benefits under State continuation and conversion laws. If the employee and/or dependents have not been covered by your group health insurance for 90 days prior to termination, we will automatically offer them our Non-Group Conversion program in lieu of the continuation rights.