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Member Rights and Responsibilities


It is the responsibility of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS) and its contracting providers to treat you and/or members of your family in a manner that acknowledges and supports your basic human rights.

As a BCBSKS member, you have the following rights and responsibilities:

You have the right to... You have the responsibility to...
Considerate and courteous care, with respect for personal privacy and dignity. Treat BCBSKS personnel respectfully and courteously as partners in good health care.
Select your own physician. Develop a physician-patient relationship based on trust and cooperation.
Request a directory of BCBSKS contracting providers. Understand the benefit differences when utilizing out of network providers.
Participate in the health care process with the professionals who can help you take charge of your health and you have the right to say no to any treatment.  Maintain your health and prevent illness by making positive health choices and seeking appropriate care when needed.
Reasonable access to appropriate medical services.  Keep scheduled appointments or give adequate notice of delay or cancelation and to notify BCBSKS if you are unable to access appropriate medical services.
Receive the benefits of your BCBSKS membership and to be informed of available services, as well as where, when, and how you can obtain these services.   Read all BCBSKS materials carefully and immediately upon your enrollment and to ask questions when necessary.
Receive assistance when language barriers exist between you or a member of your family and BCBSKS or a provider of service.  Notify BCBSKS promptly of any changes affecting your membership and to remit premiums by the due date.
Your personal information and health records to be kept confidential except when disclosure is required by law.  Advise your physician and/or BCBSKS when you require assistance due to a language barrier.
Express a complaint and to receive an answer to the complaint within a reasonable period of time.  Help maintain accurate and current records by being honest and complete when providing information to BCBSKS and/or health care professionals.
Appeal adverse benefit decisions and to receive the documentation used to make the decision.  Express your concerns or complaints in a constructive manner to the appropriate people at BCBSKS.
Receive prompt and accurate claims payment. Make timely appeals in the proscribed manner.
  Make payment for copayments, deductibles and coinsurance as listed in your certificate.