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Welcome to Blue Medicare Advantage

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS) is excited to introduce Blue Medicare Advantage (MA) in 2020.

The dynamics of the senior market are changing, and many Baby Boomers transitioning from the workforce to retirement are expressing interest in benefit plans and low premiums available through MA products. Our expansion into the MA market will complement our current Plan 65 Medicare supplement plans and will allow us to continue our commitment to providing Kansans with robust options within our Blue family of products. The list below describes and links the some of the features of MA.

The MA open enrollment period just ended Dec. 7, and we are busy finalizing our enrollment numbers, setting up memberships, and issuing ID cards. Since new BCBSKS MA members will soon be accessing your office/facility, we want to advise you of some important information to better prepare you to serve these members (please see below).

Providers receiving electronic remittance and EFT payments for BCBSKS networks also will receive MA remittance advice and EFT payments in the same manner. The MA electronic remittance will be an additional file in the provider ASK-EDI mailbox. Please share this information with your business office or IT staff.

MA plans must cover the same services as those covered by traditional Medicare Parts A and B. However, Medicare Advantage plans also provide coverage for additional services, and the administration of the medical coverage also differs. More information can be found at https://www.bcbsks.com/providers/medicare-advantage. This page includes:

  • Claims filing information
  • Appeals processes
  • Prior authorizations
  • Policies for:
    • Annual physical exams
    • Blood and blood components
    • Blood sugar monitoring (A1c claim filing requirement)
    • Dental care benefits
    • Fitness benefit
    • Hearing care
    • Inpatient hospital care
    • Member benefits
    • Meal benefit
    • Organ acquisition costs
    • Over-the-counter benefits
    • Transplant travel benefits
    • Vision care
    • Worldwide coverage emergency care
  • Medical policy hierarchy
  • Medical management resources including:
    • Guidelines for bundling admissions
    • Tips for controlling high blood pressure
    • Tips for statin use in persons with diabetes
    • Tips for statin therapy for patients with cardiovascular disease
  • Forms, surveys, and more

For more information, call Blue MA Provider Services at 800-240-0577 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.