Level-Funded Health Plans

Giving you more control over insurance plans and premiums

Designed for businesses with 3-100 employees

What is a BlueEdge Level-Funded Health Plan?

An alternative to a traditional, fully-insured group health plan that combines the cost savings of self-funding with the financial safety and predictability of fully-funded plans.

Why level-funded?

Value for your business.

  • Advanced pharmacy benefit
  • Blue Cross meets all Kansas mandates
  • Multiple plan options
  • Composite rating: Premium based on the average risk profile of the group

How does level-funding work?

With a level-funded plan, the fixed employee monthly premium is made up of three main components:

  • Administrative costs
  • Built-in stop loss coverage
  • Expected pharmacy and medical claims

BlueEdge level-funded plans were built to help you save.

They were carefully designed to include stop loss to provide financial security.

Friend, neighbor and partner.

Sales representatives cover the state of Kansas and meet daily with groups and members, helping them feel confident, arming them with the right information and resources to empower the right decisions.


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