Hearing Aid Benefits

All covered hearing aid services include one hearing aid device per ear per three-year period. Both network and non-network covered services apply toward a maximum benefit for all services of $5,000 per three-year period.

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Audiologist Providers

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Provider NameAddressCityZIP CodePhone Number
Albee, Kevin H.2205 S 4th St.Leavenworth66048913-682-1308
Albee, Kevin H.300 S AztecMontezuma67867502-224-2431
Altman, Erica H.990 S Range Ave, Ste. 1Colby67701785-621-4327
Bailey, Sallie R.2506 W 15th Ave.Emporia66801620-343-1100
Baldwin, Stacey M.1001 W 6th Ave, Ste. 105Leavenworth66048913-682-1870
Battani, Lisa1001 W 6th Ave, Ste. 105Leavenworth66048913-682-1870
Beck, Ashley J.1401 Cherry LaneGreat Bend67530502-224-2431
Bell, Kimberly M.216 E 1st St. NWichita67202316-264-8870
Bodensteiner, Shelly A.947 W 47 Hwy.Girard66743620-724-6281
Brown, Matthew J.4811 Bob Billings Pkwy, Ste. DLawrence66049785-856-4200
Bunker, Kathryn J.1133 College Ave, Ste. C145Manhattan66502785-320-7388
Cavenee, Rachael D.300 S AztecMontezuma67867502-224-2431
Cavenee, Rachael D.107 W Greeley Ave.Tribune67879620-755-2009
Claassen, Carrie E.500 N Main, Ste. 212Newton67114316-283-3552
Clark, Amanda D.220 W 2nd St.Goodland67735785-890-3625
Clausen, Edward H.4020 S Meridan Ave.Wichita67217316-624-2411
Coffield, Ceri G.947 W 47 Hwy.Girard66743620-724-6281
Collins, Kent J.2818 Vine St, Ste. BHays67601785-621-4327
Daley, S. Heidi947 W 47 Hwy.Girard66743620-724-6281
Dorner, Danielle1001 W 6th Ave, Ste. 105Leavenworth66048913-682-1870
Dorsey-Mears, Erica M.4020 S Meridian Ave.Wichita67217316-624-2411
Erickson, Linda M.1001 W 6th Ave, Ste. 105Leavenworth66048913-682-1870
Escobar, Leanna R.2900 SW Wanamaker Dr, Ste. 204Topeka66614502-244-2420
Fields, Bailee J.9350 E Central Ave.Wichita67206316-686-6608
Finazzo, Laura A.1133 College Ave, Ste. C145Manhattan66502785-320-7388
Fletcher, Heather D.990 S Range Ave, Ste. 1Colby67701785-621-4327
Foley, Lauren M.2818 Vine St, Ste. BHays67601785-621-4327
Garcia, Robert G.139 Campus Creek ComplexManhattan66506785-532-6879
Gonzales, Bryne P.5950 SW 28th St, Ste. ATopeka66614785-783-8121
Hopkins-Williams, Travis B.1001 W 6th Ave, Ste. 105Leavenworth66048913-682-1870
Hoppenrath, Jacqueline E.2818 Vine St, Ste. BHays67601785-621-4327
Jacobson, Dana N.1001 W 6th Ave, Ste. 105Leavenworth66048913-682-1870
Jared-Brown, Carol B.3500 N Rock Rd, Bldg. 1200Wichita67226316-858-3334
Jozsa, Barbara J.500 N Main, Ste. 212Newton67114316-283-3552
Kelly, Abigael F.1001 W 6th Ave, Ste. 105Leavenworth66048913-682-1870
Korsak, Kristina2506 W 15th Ave.Emporia66801620-343-1100
Lasak, John M.9350 E Central Ave.Wichita67206316-686-6608
Linot, Rebecca J.2900 SW Wanamaker Dr, Ste. 204Topeka66614502-244-2420
Lowery, Kristy J.2818 Vine St, Ste. BHays67601785-621-4327
Maag, Chelsea990 S Range Ave, Ste. 1Lawrence67701785-621-4327
Maixner, Seth H.1719 W 10thTopeka66604785-233-1155
Marshall, Brenna M.947 W 47 Hwy.Girard66743620-724-6281
McArthur, Rachel I.220 W 2nd St.Goodland67735785-890-3625
McKeown, Ali N.8606 W 13th St, Ste. 160Wichita67212316-721-4138
McKnight, Gary L.601 SW Corporate Vw, Ste. 220Topeka66615785-228-6100
Mediavilla, Sarah Jo1001 W 6th Ave, Ste. 105Leavenworth66048913-682-1870
Miller, Zachary K.1401 W Main St, Ste. BChanute66720620-431-2777
Moderson, Bailey G.1001 W 6th Ave, Ste. 105Leavenworth66048913-682-1870
Mulligan, Kate M.990 S Range Ave, Ste. 1Colby67701785-621-4327
Murphy, Rebecca A.1700 SW 7th St.Topeka66606855-550-9427
Nissen, David C.1001 W 6th Ave, Ste. 105Leavenworth66048913-682-1870
Parmiter-Jacobs, Linda J.3500 N Rock Rd, Bldg. 1200Wichita67226316-858-3334
Paul, David A.1001 W 6th Ave, Ste. 105Leavenworth66048913-682-1870
Pena, Kristin A.2818 Vine St, Ste. BHays67601785-621-4327
Pfeifer, Amber D.5101 SW 21st St, Ste. 100Topeka66604785-271-6966
Pierson, Britiany L.2818 Vine St, Ste. BHays67601785-621-4327
Putzier, Patrick V.1322 E Iron Ave.Salina67401785-827-3849
Reeg, Hannah B.990 S Range Ave, Ste. 1Colby67701785-621-4327
Rhorer, Melanie D.9350 E Central Ave.Wichita67206316-686-6608
Rorick, Katherine1001 W 6th Ave, Ste. 105Leavenworth66048913-682-1870
Ruggle, Kevin P.1213 Hylton Hghts Rd, Ste. 105Manhattan66502785-537-4005
Saylor, Miranda E.1001 6th Ave, Ste. 105Leavenworth66048913-682-1870
Schauner, Ashley9350 E Central Ave.Wichita67206316-686-6608
Schulte, Carmen M.9350 E Central Ave.Wichita67206316-686-6608
Scott, Lindsay L.9350 E Central Ave.Wichita67206316-686-6608
Seckman, Elizabeth A.2506 W 15th Ave.Emporia66801620-343-1100
Shepherd, Catherine M.2831 B SW 29th St.Topeka66614785-271-9932
Smittkamp, Susan E.1001 W 6th Ave, Ste. 105Leavenworth66048913-682-1870
Spiller, Kelly N.421 S Maple St.Garnett66032816-478-4200
Steele, Timothy C.1001 W 6th Ave, Ste. 105Leavenworth66048913-682-1870
Tourtillott, Justin6001 SW 6th Ave, Ste. 115Topeka66615785-271-2284
Vermillion, Tina R.320 S Main St.McPherson67460620-504-6313
Wagner, Irene K.8020 E Central, Ste. 100Wichita67206316-634-1100
Waldeier, Katelyn1001 W 6th Ave, Ste. 105Leavenworth66048913-682-1870
Ward, Erika M.421 S Maple St.Garnett66032816-478-4200
Warner, Kelli E.990 S Range Ave, Ste. 1Colby67701785-621-4327
Warstler, Allison S.947 W 47 Hwy.Girard66743620-724-6281
Washington, Patrick E.2506 W 15th Ave.Emporia66801620-343-1100
Watson, T. Lanette1700 SW 7th St.Topeka66606855-550-9427
White, Karly B.1133 College Ave, Ste. 101aManhattan66502785-539-7361
Williams, Bary E.2506 W 15th Ave.Emporia66801620-343-1100
Williams, Bary E.705 Baptist Dr.Paola66071800-227-9440
Wolterman, Joellen M.4811 Bob Billings Pkwy, Ste. DLawrence66049785-856-4200
York, Jonathan R.1001 W 6th Ave, Ste. 105Leavenworth66048913-682-1870
Young, Kelly R.2506 W 15th Ave.Emporia66801620-343-1100
Zafar, Haris U.8020 E Central, Ste. 100Wichita67206316-634-1100
Zogelman, Katie A.5231 E Central Ave, Ste. FWichita67208316-448-1655
Childs, Jori920 SW Lane St, Ste. 200Topeka66606785-233-0500
Childs, Jori1110 St Marys Rd, Ste. 303Junction City66441785-233-0500
Gonzales, Tammy920 SW Lane St, Ste. 200Topeka66606785-233-0500
Gonzales, Tammy800 Ravenhill DrAtchison66002785-233-0500
Gonzales, Tammy120 W 8th StOnaga66521785-233-0500
Gaughan, Jessica920 SW Lane St, Ste. 200Topeka66606785-233-0500
Gaughan, Jessica1600 Community DrSeneca66538785-233-0500
Mueting, Shelley920 SW Lane St, Ste. 200Topeka66606785-233-0500
Mueting, Shelley1301 W 12th Ave, Ste. 106Emporia66801785-233-0500
Whalen, Jessica920 SW Lane St, Ste. 200Topeka66606785-233-0500
Whalen, Jessica801 N 4th StBurlington66839785-233-0500
Neuenswander, Julie920 SW Lane St, Ste. 200Topeka66606785-233-0500
Neuenswander, Julie300 Utah StHiawatha66434785-233-0500
Topeka ENT920 SW Lane St, Ste. 200Topeka66606785-233-0500
Petras, Lindsey G.520 S Santa Fe Ave, Ste. 200Salina67401785-823-7225
Green, Krysta D.1200 Sunnyside Ave, #2101Lawrence66045785-864-4690
Loomis, Jenna L.1947 North Founders CircleWichita67206316-274-4695
Lovings, Claudia A.1947 North Founders CircleWichita67206316-274-4695
Pierce, Molly K.1947 North Founders CircleWichita67206316-274-4695
Terry, Nancy1947 North Founders CircleWichita67206316-274-4695
White, Karly1947 North Founders CircleWichita67206316-274-4695
Allenback, Stacy R.14700 Saint Teresa St, Ste. 370Wichita67223316-274-4695
Marshall, Brenna M.1112 W 6th St, Ste. 216Lawrence66044785-841-1107
Johnson, Jami S.1112 W 6th St, Ste. 216Lawrence66044785-841-1107
Turner, Katie E.1112 W 6th St, Ste. 216Lawrence66044785-841-1107
Ranck, Misti M.1112 W 6th St, Ste. 216Lawrence66044785-841-1107