Mental health resources for all Kansans

You don't need to be a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas member to access these resources, but please check with your health insurance provider to understand your coverage for mental health services.

How are you, Kansas?

Need help processing trauma?

Traumatic events can cause a variety of reactions, and usually affect people differently. 
It is important to remember that having some reaction is normal.

Not feeling like yourself?

It's okay to not feel like yourself. You're being strong just by looking for answers.


2 in 5 Kansans experience mental illness in any given year.

Find the right mental health care

To better connect Kansans with in-network mental health care, BCBSKS has partnered with MiResource to guide you through the process of identifying the right mental health care.


Struggling and need help now?

It's okay to ask for help — it's a show of strength. Take the first step and click on the links below.

The Suicide & Crisis Lifeline is available 24/7 providing free and confidential support. Dial 988 on your phone.

Concerned about a loved one?

Sometimes we need our loved ones to be strong for us, too, and take the first step we just can't take yet. If you're concerned one of your loved ones is experiencing mental illness start here.

Are you a Blue Cross and Blue Shield Kansas member?

Strive, powered by WebMD ONE, provides an experience that is unique to you - for both your physical and mental health.

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