Plan 65 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What premium payment plan options do I have?

There are several different types of payment plans available to you:

To change your payment plan, contact us.

  • Automatic payment option — this plan allows for automatic deduction from your bank account each month; often times this process is referred to as a bank draft.

    To set up: print and complete the online Automatic Payment Authorization form. Mail the form, along with a voided deposit slip, to:

    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas 
    1133 SW Topeka Blvd. 
    Topeka KS 66629-0001

    Your next premium payment will be deducted from your financial institution account after the fifth of each month. The deduction will appear on your next statement.

    To cancel: you may cancel your automatic payment plan anytime by calling your financial institution and BCBSKS.

  • Monthly premium notice — a monthly notice will be sent to your mailing address. Payment is due by the first of the next month. 

How do I pay without a bill?

If you know the premium amount, you can send a check to:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas 
1133 SW Topeka Blvd. 
Topeka KS 66629-0001

Please write your identification number in the lower left hand corner of your check.

ACH - check by phone

Individual members can contact our office to pay by check and will need to provide the following:

You will then be provided with a confirmation number and your payment transaction will be received by your financial institution within one to three business days.

  • Your name
  • Telephone number
  • Member identification number
  • Member name (if you are calling on behalf of another member)
  • The month the payment(s) is for
  • Amount you are paying
  • Bank name
  • Bank routing number (Nine-digit number)
  • The account number (starting number should not be greater than three)
  • The name on the account

Can I change my benefit plan?

You may request a change in your benefit plan by contacting us or completing a benefit change form and returning it to us. If you change your plan to one that has better benefits you will be upgrading your coverage and will be required to answer health information questions.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas offers Plan 65 Benefit Plan A, Benefit Plan C, Benefit Plan F, Benefit Plan K and Benefit Plan N of the standard supplemental insurance plans developed for Medicare. Plan 65-Select is available for Benefit Plan C, Benefit Plan F and Benefit Plan K if you live in specific counties.

To request a benefit change form, contact us.

Why did my premiums go up?

Plan 65 premiums are based on your age as of January 1 up to age 80, as long as you maintain the same coverage throughout the year. If you change your coverage during the year, your premium will be based on your age as of the contract change. (There is only one premium for age 80 and over.)

Although you own an individual policy, all individuals owning like or similar type policies are member together in the same "risk" pool, from which premiums are based. Premiums are subject to review annually and are adjusted based on the claims experience of the pool for your particular plan. Premiums are never increased solely due to your individual claims.

Do you have any product I can purchase to cover prescription drugs when not covered by Medicare?

How do I know if Medicare or Plan 65 is the primary payer?

  • Medicare is always the primary payer of your health care services if you have Plan 65. Plan 65 supplements your Medicare coverage by paying designated coinsurances and deductibles.

What should I do if I am moving?

  • You need to notify us of your new address (online form) . If you move out of state, you do NOT have to discontinue or transfer your coverage. You may continue your BCBSKS Plan 65 coverage.

What should I do with my claims if I go to a provider in another state?

If you receive services outside the state of Kansas (including Johnson and Wyandotte counties), please advise your provider to submit the claim along with the Medicare Summary Notice to their local Blue Cross Blue Shield plan for processing.

How often will my premium change?

  • Premium levels are reviewed each year, then adjusted to take effect the following January.

I received my bill and my premium is different.

  • Premiums are subject to an annual review, and are adjusted each January.

I received a letter about a premium increase but my spouse did not. Why?

  • All policyholders enrolled in a Medicare supplement policy should receive a letter explaining the premium adjustment. Please contact us for a duplicate copy of the letter.

I already sent in my January payment and I did not include the premium adjustment in the payment. What will happen now?

  • Your February bill will be adjusted to compensate for the change.

Who approves the premium increase?

  • The Kansas Insurance Department approves all premium adjustments.

Why is my premium different from my spouse's premium?

  • If you have a different type of policy or you are a different age, your premium will be different than your spouse's. All policies are age rated.