Mail Order FAQs

    Home delivery through Express Scripts® Pharmacy provides an affordable way for you to get your maintenance medications – prescription drugs you take regularly to treat ongoing conditions. With Express Scripts® Pharmacy, you can order up to 90 days’ worth of maintenance medication through the mail. It’s a cost-effective way to fill your prescriptions and using home delivery may help you save money. Express Scripts® Pharmacy also offers you safe, convenient and contactless prescription delivery.

    Ask your doctor for two prescriptions — one for a 30-day supply to fill immediately at a local retail pharmacy. Then have your doctor send another prescription electronically to Express Scripts® Pharmacy for up to the maximum day supply allowed by your prescription benefit program.

    Yes. You may call 833-599-0511 to order refills through Express Scripts® Pharmacy . You may also reorder online at

    You may pay online via credit card (Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover). Or you may pay using a personal check or credit card with a mail order form.

    We usually process orders within 48 hours after we get them. Your medication should be delivered in about 8 days (10-14 days if it's a new prescription). You can get next-day or two-day shipping for an extra fee.

    No. Express Scripts® Pharmacy must follow your doctor’s directions exactly as they are written on the prescription. To receive 90 days of medication all at once, you will need a new prescription from your doctor, rewritten for a 90-day supply with up to three refills.

    Yes. Controlled substance prescriptions, such as Ritalin®, Xanax®, Valium® or Vicodin®, are available through Express Scripts® Pharmacy . Your refill amounts may be limited for controlled substance medications in accordance with applicable pharmacy regulations.

    Yes. Ask your doctor for the cost-effective generic alternatives to your brand-name medications to reduce cost without sacrificing the quality or effectiveness of the medication . Generic medications must meet the same FDA standards for purity, safety, strength and effectiveness as brand-name medications.

    Express Scripts® Pharmacy will dispense FDA-approved generic equivalents when available and appropriate.

    Because refills of previously filled mail prescriptions are not transferable to Express Scripts® Pharmacy.