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“S” Newsletters - 2018


S-6-18 Published 12/31/2018

Inside this issue:

  • FEP Blue Focus product requires prior authorization
  • Some member ID cards delayed

S-5-18 Published 12/01/2018

Inside this issue:

  • Telemedicine Act defines use by providers, patients
  • Provider Network Enrollment form now includes telemedicine
  • Insulin pump supplies coverage changing
  • Pharmaceutical Formulary Update
  • Site of Care policy limits certain drug administration
  • Solutions coming to a close, EPO taking its place
  • Guidelines for Network Pricing Groups members
  • Transitioning T-codes to 2019 CPT codes for ABA services
  • Pharmacy, Labs, DME filing Blue claims
  • Web Changes — Medical Policy

S-4-18 Published 09/27/2018

Inside this issue:

  • K-TRACS Valuable Tool in Fight Against Opioid Epidemic
  • Predetermination for Cologuard Testing
  • Pharmaceutical Formulary Update
  • Coding Accidental Injuries
  • When to Submit ‘Corrected’ Claim vs. New Claim
  • New Coding Corner Dedicated to Best Practices
  • Inovalon Continues to Collect Medical Records
  • Avoiding Donor Claim Problems
  • Billing for Prep of Vials of Non-Venom Antigens
  • Be Certain to Include Dates when Submitting Claims for POS 21
  • Data Updates can be Sent Anytime via Provider Portal
  • What’s New in 2019 Workshops
  • Web Changes — Medical Policy

S-3-18 Published 05/30/2018

Inside this issue:

  • Opioid Prescriptions to be Limited for Naïve Members
  • Reminder: Use Contracting Air Ambulance Providers
  • Blue Distinction Fertility Care
  • Change for SOK Members Emphasizes Correct Coding
  • Psychotherapy Notes vs. Progress Notes — Knowing the Difference
  • FEP PIP-QCR Measures
  • Latest ID Card, Prefix Important
  • Check Policies before Ordering
  • Arkansas Blue Cross Prior Approval
  • BCBSNE Prior Authorization
  • Navigating Availity, BlueAccess to Reach Provider Portal
  • Pharmaceutical Formulary Update
  • CDC Guidelines for Opioids
  • Sildenafil for ED may not be covered
  • Web Changes — Medical Policy

S-2-18 Published 03/30/2018

Inside this issue:

  • Provider incentive data attestation
  • Statin use with cardiovascular disease
  • Clarification of SOK hearing benefit
  • Billing disposable contact lenses
  • Health Advocacy Solutions
  • Call for Pending Eligibility message
  • Secondary-to-Medicare claims
  • Resources for opioid addiction
  • Pharmaceutical Formulary Update
  • Completing a CAQH application for multiple states
  • Troubleshooting browser problems for Availity access
  • Correctly coding corrected claims
  • Appealing claims for FEP members
  • Avoiding claim denial
  • Electronic OPL form submission
  • Billing APRN, PA services
  • Network guide available on web
  • Web changes — Medical policy

S-1-18 Published 02/07/2018

Inside this issue:

  • Policy Memo No. 12 updated to reflect OB Epidural Guidelines accurately

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