Strive materials

Strive, powered by WebMD ONE, provides the support your employees need to achieve better well-being. Strive will create a custom experience to match individual goals, interests and lifestyle.

Resources include:

Health Assessment

Learn exactly where your health stands. Answer this quick questionnaire to get a personalized health report along with recommendations.

Daily Habits

Work toward your goals one day at a time. This mobile-first experience makes it simple to set a goal and watch your progress.

Strive Text

Receive professional health advice free of cost. A coach can help create a well-being routine that matches your goals and lifestyle.

Explore and Learn

Watch easy-to-follow exercise videos, listen to engaging mental health podcasts and much more.

Device and App Connection Center

Automatically track and upload your activity with a fitness device or app.

Personal Health Record

A simple way to view all your health information in one place.

Resources that can help your employees discover health and happiness:

    Capture your employee’s attention and inspire them to achieve their unique health goals with Strive. These materials contain everything you need to inspire your employees to register, onboard, and complete their Health Assessment.

    Place posters throughout your office. Hang them in hallways, break rooms, bathrooms, the cafeteria or any other areas where they can be seen clearly.

    Add email banners to internal emails to your employees. This is a great way to remind employees of Strive resources.

    Monitor ads are a short, effective and environmentally friendly way to reach your employees, right at your locations. If you have screen monitors in your lobby or break room, display the monitor ad to spark interest in Strive.


    If you have screen monitors in your lobby or break room, display the video with or without sound. You can also play it at company or team meetings, health fairs and more.