Analytics and metrics are an important way to measure the effectiveness of a program. With Strive, there are various reports populated by WebMD ONE that are available to your group and can be scheduled for delivery to your primary contact.

Summary Dashboard

This report can be scheduled in advance to be delivered to your group lead monthly. It provides a breakdown of users who have visited the site, as well as metrics of those who have visited several specific features.

  • Note: User Count = unique users.
  • Activity count = number of times any user has accessed and done any activity or edits.

The key areas of focus within the report include:

• Site Engagement - numbers of eligible users who have registered and who are active users as well as how many visits are being made to your program site.

• Population Demographics

• Product Utilization

  1. Device Connection Center
  2. Health Assessment

• Rewards Activity – both numbers of users and level of activity

• Challenges

• Health Risk Assessment

  1. Numbers of Completers, Average Risk Count and Average HRA scores
  2. Prevalence and Condition Prevalence


Health Assessment (HRA)

For your members, the HRA or the ONE Assessment is WebMD’s proprietary health risk assessment and health profiling tool. For participants, this assessment helps explain their current health status and guides them to improve their health over time. For organizations, data helps explain where gaps may exist in their strategy, what their populations are excelling at, and what areas of well-being they need help with the most.

These reports can be scheduled to be delivered at close of the selected timeframe for your members to complete the HRA and are provided on request.

Reports include:

  • HRA Management Report – if your group has 50 or more individuals complete the HRA, we can provide you an aggregate report of those assessments. This report is provided upon request.
  • Health Assessment (HRA) Completers – this report lists those who have completed the HRA within a specific time period. Suggested timeline - 1 month before close of activity and after close of activity. This report is provided upon request.

Definitions in Reports

  • Eligible Users = Count of individuals in the group eligible to use the WebMD portal (Strive) in the time period selected.
  • Registered Users = Count of individuals who have registered on the portal and are current as of the report period. Due to the method in which members are admitted into WebMD, this is the same as eligible users at this time.
  • Active Registered Users = Count of registered users who are “active” in the site (have visited the site) during the time period selected and also had visited the site within 24 months prior to the end date in the report period.
  • Unique Site Users = Count of unique individuals to visit the site in the time period selected for the report.
  • Total Site Visits = Total number of events in which an individual in the group visited the site in the time period selected.


For questions about Strive or a Strive rewards program, contact your Blue Cross sales representative or one of our employer wellness coordinators at [email protected].