Wellness challenges

Our wellness challenges promote a culture of well-being with a bit of healthy competition. If your rewards program includes challenges, you can choose a challenge that best fits your employees’ needs. Some challenges are individual-based to achieve personal goals, such as drinking more water or reducing stress. Others are team-based to help motivate people to reach bigger goals while working as a group, like The Invitational Team Steps Challenge.

Individuals can easily sync their wearables and other devices with WebMD ONE, providing effortless tracking and reporting of steps, sleeping habits, calories, and more. You can select which challenges you’d like to start at your workplace. Please contact [email protected] to get your challenges set-up. There are communication resources available for each challenge to help encourage participation and raise awareness about the challenge.


The Invitational Team Steps Challenge – a weekly team-based competition designed to increase steps per day. Five person teams are formed and compete against a new, system-assigned team each week for 5 weeks.

Invitational Team Steps Communication toolkit


Select from the list of challenges below:

Five to Thrive – document 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables each day for 21 out of 28 days

Five to thrive communication toolkit

Make Your Move – log time spent on a personally chosen physical activity during the challenge period

make your move communication toolkit

Stressless Challenge – track relaxation activities for 20 out of 28 days.

Stressless Challenge Communication toolkit

Rethink Your Drink – choose water instead of other beverages and aim for 6 or more glasses per day for 21 out of 28 days

Rethink Your Drink Communication Toolkit

Seize the Zzzz – take steps and improve sleep quality and habits for 21 out of 28 days

Seize the Zzzz Communication Toolkit

Hit Your Stride – log a daily average, daily goal or total steps during the challenge period

Hit Your Stride Communication Toolkit


For questions about Strive or a Strive rewards program, contact your Blue Cross sales representative or one of our employer wellness coordinators at [email protected].