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Primary Doctor/Hospital Search

Search for a doctor, hospital or other health care provider at the Your In-Network Provider Finder.

If you are shopping and there is no alpha prefix, here's a guide to help you get started.

Alpha Prefix Plan Name
XSB BlueCare SaverSG Choice
BlueCare SignatureSG Choice
BlueCare SignaturePlusSG Choice
BlueCare DeluxeSG Choice
BlueCare PremierSG Choice
BlueCare EliteSG Choice
XSC BlueCare Solutions Bronze
BlueCare Solutions Silver
BlueCare Solutions Gold
XSD BlueCare SaverSHOP Select
BlueCare SignatureSHOP Select
XSE BlueCare Essential
BlueCare EssentialPlus
BlueCare SaverPlus
BlueCare Signature
BlueCare SignaturePlus
BlueCare Deluxe
BlueCare Premier
BlueCare PremierPlus
BlueCare Elite
BlueCare Vital
XSF BlueCare Essential Choice Select
BlueCare SaverPlus Choice Select
BlueCare Signature Choice Select
BlueCare Vital Choice Select
XSG BlueCare Solutions BronzeSHOP
BlueCare Solutions SilverSHOP
BlueCare Solutions GoldSHOP
XSH BlueCare SaverSG Choice Select
BlueCare SignatureSG Choice Select
XST BlueCare Essential Choice
BlueCare EssentialPlus Choice
BlueCare SaverPlus Choice
BlueCare Signature Choice
BlueCare SignaturePlus Choice
BlueCare Deluxe Choice
BlueCare Premier Choice
BlueCare PremierPlus Choice
BlueCare Elite Choice
BlueCare Vital Choice
XSJ BlueCare SaverSHOP
BlueCare SignatureSHOP
BlueCare Premier SHOP
XSK BlueCare Multi-State Freedom
BlueCare Multi-State FreedomPlus
XSL BlueCare Essential Select
BlueCare SaverPlus Select
BlueCare Signature Select
BlueCare Vital Select
XSQ BlueCare Solutions Bronze Choice
BlueCare Solutions Silver Choice
BlueCare Solutions Gold Choice
XSR BlueCare Solutions BronzeSG
BlueCare Solutions SilverSG
BlueCare Solutions GoldSG

Dental Provider Search

Search for a dentist or dental specialist using the National GRID+ search tool.

Other Provider Searches

Locate the closest pharmacy via our partner site, Prime Therapeutics.

Learn what you need to know when choosing a doctor with your Plan 65 coverage.

Find providers who accept members with Value Blue coverage.


Find a contracting provider outside our service area.

Need diabetic supplies? Search for contracting suppliers.

Any network provider could provide lactation counseling under the scope of their license.