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Attest to your data for Provider Information Portal (PRT)

Don't forget to attest to your data for the every 90 day attestations confirming accurate provider data on file at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS) through the Provider Portal. To access the Provider Portal, sign in through Availity.com, and select BCBSKS under payer spaces. 

Attesting to your provider demographics timely will ensure your QBRP incentive remains effective. This information is used in provider directories, network adequacy reporting, and other down-line operations within the health plan, adding to the importance of the data remaining current.

Keeping your provider contact information current is crucial for our members/your patients. A quick tutorial for attesting to data is available on the Education and Workshops page under Web-Based Education. 

Please contact your Professional Relations representative with any questions pertaining to the provider attestation QBRP. 

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