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Important Reminder: Attest data by February 28, 2022 for CAA Requirement

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS) would like to remind providers to attest to their data by February 28, 2022 to avoid being suppressed in our directory. As we previously communicated with you, the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) outlines new requirements for maintaining and validating information to include provider directories (CAA Section 116). The intent of these requirements is to help individuals make informed choices when selecting a provider.

To comply with these new CAA provisions, insurers must develop a process to verify provider directory accuracy. Effective Jan. 1, 2022, CAA requires that BCBSKS provide and regularly maintain an online provider directory to members. Providers must validate their information at least every 90 days through the provider portal. The directories must be available to participants, beneficiaries, and enrollees.

In our S-1-22 newsletter we requested all CAP providers attest to their data between January 1, 2022 and February 28, 2022. This date will establish the CAA rolling 90 days requirement and the QBRP incentive that begins April 1, 2022. Providers who may have already attested in December and qualified for the April 1, 2022 QBRP incentive will need to attest again before February 28, 2022 to set their last attest date for the CAA requirement for the system to calculate the next attest due date for attesting no less than once every 90 days and to avoid being suppressed in our directory.

We thank those of you who have already attested. Your names will continue to appear in the directory without disruption. If you have questions regarding this publication, please view the S-1-22 newsletter or contact your BCBSKS provider representative.

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