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Information regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) calls

BCBSKS is committed to safeguarding your patient and our member’s Personal Health Information (PHI) and Personal Identifying Information (PII). We would like to remind providers the importance of providing us with the names of your business partners, which allows BCBSKS to validate the caller when an inquiry is received. This process includes obtaining and supplying a copy of your Business Associations Agreement (BAA) any AI vendors/applications you do business with.

To report a business arrangements or to attest to not having any current business arrangements, please follow the path below:

Availity.com > Payor Spaces > BCBSKS > BCBSKS Provider Secure Section (Blue Access) > Select NPI for practice/facility you wish to attest on > Provider Information > Business Arrangements.

If you have any questions regarding AI vendors/applications, contact your BCBSKS provider representative.